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Information on these two please!

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for helping me out here, I'm pretty new. I was wondering does anyone have any information on these two models? Like what year, parts, etc... Would like to know as much as possible.




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Maybe a vin would give a clew about year? Maybe too long ago to conform? Anyway, I've seen vin be questionable: my MTS has a vin with year later date code than what I was told it was??
The first bike looks like an early 500 Pantah, from '79 - '81. It has the smaller front calipers compared to a 600. It has been heavily modified, so could have parts from other models.

The older bike looks like a 250 from the early - mid '60s. (I don't have much expertise on this era of Ducati). Ian Falloon has documented the history of Ducati's models, and would be a good resource to pinpoint the exact model.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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