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Hello Ducati members,

I am considering a 1098 as a new bike. I used to have an old CBR600F4 for five years and was always amazed at the looks and feel. I am looking to ride again and think the 1098 has completely sold me.

I am wondering what the availability for most 1098 bikes are? Will they sell out of the 2007 models right away or does it depend on location? I would be looking to purchase toward the end of June, so I am trying to estimate if I would have to wait on a bike or not.

I am also wondering if anyone can quote their insurance averages, age (I am 25 with no accidents, claims or tickets) and policies? From my old bike, even with a good record, quotes can easily range in the thousands depending on the company, so I am trying to estimate what coverage would be for the year.

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