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Is it ok to ride 848 in rain alot

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I live on the rainy side of Washington it rains half the year will the bike have any issues with the rain
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if your set on 848 it will be fine in crazy rain storms but like everyone else has said its not ideal and you will need some good tires. I would get a dual sport for commute and rain.
I have a 2012 848 evo corse. Washed it one time and the bike had about 3200 miles on it. When I got done washing it the fan randomly started running and wouldn't shut off. The key wasn't even in the ignition. I turned it on and back on a few times but it never shut off. I eventually just let it run for a few minutes and I guess the wet connection dried off from the heat and the fan shut off. Haven't had it happen again and I've been riding in the fog and rain back and forth to work everyday for the last week. Currently sitting at 4200 on the bike. When I get some down time though I'm going through all the connections and waterproofing them.
In particular, the electrical connection between the alternator and the regulator carries a very high current, so corrosion there will lead to overheating the connector and adjacent wiring. I recommend eliminating this connector entirely using solder and shrink-tube insulation.
I did exactly that, not that I had a choice. Something smelled hot so after some investigation I found the connector had melted and even started to burn. I cut it out and soldered everything together and did the heat-shrink thing. No more worries and the smell hasn't come back.
One thing I noticed is that after riding in the rain the immobilizer gives off an error. Can leave you stranded if you don't have the key card number on you that you can input manually.
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Does anyone have a write-up on which connectors are what (hot/cold) ? Or would someone do it at their next cleaning. Photos with markings of sealant. Would be awesome guide to have around, especially for us newbies.
Dielectric grease on electrical connection
D Dielectric grease on electrical connection
Go back and read post #8.
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