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Shazaam, I'm all about the single headlight, I just get tired of explaining it. It is like the time my unit was doing PT and a 1x98 came by the formation. The clutch was doing its thing and someone tried to pull the "something's wrong with his bike" card with a smug tone. I just turned around shook my head and said "dry clutch" then went back to my pushups.

Thanks for the history lesson. Knowledge is power. But like all history times changes it. Now since everyone is running one light like the old Ducati. Then cool and more distinctive thing would be to run two. You guys are senior members so understand able the reaction to a newbie question. Thank you for your input. It is very informative. I'm honestly happy to have a ducati. Its an bucket Item I have accomplished and I look forward to getting to know fellow Ducati owners. :yo:
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