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just saying hi!

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Hello everyone! I signed up a few weeks ago but i'm just now getting around to my first post. I'm 40yrs old and been riding since i was 15, i currently ride an "04" bmw r1150r and love it. I must admit i've always wanted more "sport" outta the beemer, i chiped it and replaced the stock exhaust w/ a laser system along with a k&n filter. I had it dyno'd and moved the 85 horses from the crank to the rear wheel.... still not enough. Then along comes the beautiful Ducati 1098!, the first time i saw it was on the cover of my January cycle world titled "Red Rocks! Bye-Bye 999, Hello 1098", Indeed. Honestly i haven't been this excited about a bike since the V-max came out and absolutly had to have one. After seeing her in the flesh at the cleveland bike show, i made bee line to BMW/Ducati of columbus and put down my deposit on a black "s"(i got the last open spot on their list!) and told them to order the full Termi exhaust also. Now comes the wait until may.... it's going to be a long one.

In case anyone is wondering, Ten-6(or 10-6) is the local police code for a speeder. :naughty:
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I did the same thing ten-6. Last year I was going to buy a 749 or a Brutalle but that meant I had to sell my '05 R1. I didnt really want to do that and decided to wait. I am really glad I did because after seeing the new 1098 in a magazine and then seeing one in person I knew I had to have one. I went down this weekend and put my deposit down on a stand red model. I cant wait to get it!!
Welcome to the forum !!! :yo: :yo: :yo:
Thanks all, i'm looking forward to sharing everyones' personal experience and opinions with this bike.
CRONN, I know what you're saying, I was seriously eyeballing the new monster s4rs before the 1098 came out.
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