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I'm not sure about the accuracy of the statement about Ducati V-twins being "unforgiving".

I suspect this comment relates to the rougher running of a high-compression twin at lower revs in comparison to a four cylinder.

But the width of the torque band of this type of engine makes them - to me - far more forgiving than any multi.

My 1098 can drop the revs to less than 3,000 and still accelerate cleanly - even in higher gears. And pulls sweetly to 10,000 and beyond.

I haven't ridden a four cylinder that can do that across such a range. Once the Ducati has a bit of speed up it is supremely forgiving. In both engine output and handling.

I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for these properties.

As a great man once said: "If you find yourself going too fast into a corner, in the wrong gear, on the wrong line, be thankful you are on a Ducati". Or words to that effect.

Having survived 53 years of motorcycling - the last 40 largely Ducati-mounted - I can testify to the truth of this..

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