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Simply put riding a Ducati is a soulful feeling experience to me. I never felt that riding my GSXR1000s.

I am using the GSXR 1000 as an example for 2 reasons. 1) It was the bike (I had many and many different years) I had in both stock/lightly modified and highly modified form. 2) The GSXR 1000 was long considered the benchmark of the 4 cylinder 1000cc superbike machines as race platform. Although, it has fallen from top of the 4 cylinder superbike heap largely on the lack of electronics, a little bit too heavy, and some would say looks.

The ZX10R, CBR1000 SP, and BMW S1000RR or HP4 are great performing bikes. I haven't ridden the BMW S1000RR or HP4, but they are both great performing bikes and are the new benchmark for the 4 cylinder superbikes. As all their records speak for themselves. With that said, I do think the BMW is tied (with the R1) for the ugliest superbike on the market though and both are heavier than the Ducati 1199 series.

I would say go ride all the new bikes and see what floats your boat/gets your rocks off the most. IMHO
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