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Installed this Auxito H4 LED bulb in my Panigale V4 . The clip that clamps the bulb down is a bit hard to rotate on since the aluminum plate is thicker than the stamped steel on a normal halogen but overall no problem. It also left plenty of room in the headlight bucket.

The light output is amazing to say the least. I should have done this the day I got the bike. I thought it was a bit brighter than the halogen until I adjusted the beam aim properly. Now it is blinding bright with a clean straight cut off. I would occasionally get caught after dark with my tinted helmet visor and struggle home with the old halogen bulb. Now I can see everything in my path clearly. Fantastic output. The light pattern is slightly patchy down low but overall a fantastic improvement. The high beam puts out a bit brighter and is aimed up the perfect amount.
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