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LED Parking lights out - checked fuse. Fuse OK WTF

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So the previous owner instead of reversing the polarity on the LED's he broke the little connector and flipped them. ( what a douche)

So I unplugged them flipped the connectors back to the original and right position. Then with the LED's in them I turned the key on (to see which one I had to do the little reverse polarity trick) and they both turned off.

So I have no power now running to the parking lights. I checked the socket and there is no power either.

Checked the fuse box; all fuses ok

Unplugged the socket and checked the actual connectors. Nada.

My headlights work, horn, turn signals, break etc... Just no the parking lights.

Is there another fuse or something else running them? Something is definetkey blown here as they were working fine...

I'm puzzled.
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Anybody? :stickpoke
I got nothing. I was thinking that the one reversed LED would make both go out, but if you say there is no power to the socket then I have no idea what is wrong. Can you probe the wires a little and see if there is power to the wires? Maybe something broke in the socket?
Yeah I checked both connections with a tester, Im getting no power.

Pulled the bulb socket; tested again (thinking maybe is the sockets*unlikely*) Nada...

I dont wanna take it in for service for this stupid thing... there has to be a blown fuse/relay somewhere...

Im going to check the PDF manual I have....
Had the same issue but mine didn't blow.. I believe it's the left light only you have to change polarity.. When I purchased the led bulbs there was a direction manual

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Thanks! but is not that unfortunately.

I'm not getting any power to the light sockets...

Something is amiss... I will dissemble the entire bike...trace wires and see what I can come up with...

All other lights work.
Why don't you just leave them off? They really don't serve any purpose IMHO. I wouldn't take the bike apart because of a faulty parking lights. I'm pretty sure there are two fuse boxes. Maybe someone else can verify that.
... and me. i just leave it as is but it sure bugs the heck out of me. if anybody has a fix please let us know.
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