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From what I can gather, the increased weight is to do with having a great inertial mass. The mass ensures the engine will not stall easily when the clutch is released in normal road use. The greater the mass, the more inertia it has, less likely it is to stall.

Mega lightened flywheels will have very little mass (as that's the point) so in street use, you may experience more stalling moments when pulling away from the lights... Careful you don't drop the bike at that point.

Not an issue on race engines as initial clutch release is normally from high rpm, and is more if a dump than release.

Also read that the engine braking action is much much higher.

Don't quote me, but if a weight loss of 50% can be achieved then you'll get best of both worlds.

It does look cool though ;-)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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