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Little help for some information on Termi dimensions.

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Hey everyone, was hoping that someone who had a little free time on their hands would be able to help me out.

I am currently deployed and not able to look at my own 1098, but that doesn't mean I cant buy parts for it. With the huge list of parts I have already bought and still have to buy, is exhaust repacking material. I have the Termignoni system and because there is no re pack kit available and I've looked everywhere and unable to find a write up or any information for the things that I need.

So if some has a 1098 with Termi's sitting around and a little free time could I please get the following information:

#1 Number of rivets on end caps (this will allow me to order the correct number)
#2 Length of the muffler. (this way I make sure to get enough material)

This would mean a lot to me and help with me last three months worth of research trying to figure this out without shooting in the dark. As well as add to the already towering boxes of parts waiting for me at home.

Thanks for your time.

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I just use roof insulation to pack the mufflers on my dirt bikes and will do the same when it comes to the Termi's.
DHarsay. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time. Hopefully someone else finds this information as useful.
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