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Yes another new one to the forum. I have been rideing several diffrent jap bikes now for 10 years or more from a 600 to A zx10r. Im really not concernd abought haveing the most horsepower to race, I just whant to own one and now I have the money. I sat on a freands 2005 999 that I was thinking of buying but he whanted to much for it i think. Anyways when I was sitting on it, it felt like I had a good stretch on it and seemd like it would really take a toll on my shoulders being hunched over the bike and doing some rode trips. How does the bike compare in comfort as compared to a new zx10 or gsxr 1000 ? So whats the comfort level on this bike and again Im looking to get the base model and if any knows of a dealer with a good a good price for a 2007 ?
I live in Louisiana so I would not mind a road trip to go pick one up. Thanks for reading....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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