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Low Fuel Limits

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I've gone up to 4.3 miles on the light but anyone know the real limit? Even at 4mi I was a bit shakey.

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I think I did 20 or so once. Not by choice, but by poor planning. That being said, I've never been able to get more than three gallons into the tank.
I got 48 kms (about 30 mi) with the fuel light on the first time my 1098 (with the same tank) ran out.

The second time I had only done 38 kms (about 24 mi) but I had stopped overnight and re-started that time.

That meant it had started up on the cold-running (richer) circuit, and got the lesser mileage.

And yes - the most I could get into the stock tank was 14.7L when it was bone empty - as opposed to the 15.5L claimed.

Since I fitted the ETI tank (about 35,000 kms ago) I haven't ever looked like running out.

Check out etifuelcel.com A great solution to an inherent problem. And about 5 lbs lighter..

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I once got ~35miles on the fuel light.
I've done 80K on my reserve but it was by the grace of god and a lot of down hill coming out of some mountains in Oregon that I made it. Normally 70K was empty. In town I go 45K on reserve before filling up.
36 miles is my record on fuel reserve.
Haven't went more then 10 or 15 miles on the light. But to add to this 2012 848 EVO, I fill up soon after light comes on. Usually 2.5-2.75 gallons. That leads me to conclude that I have about 1.5 gallons left and about 60mile range on the light. Any thoughts? I still like that my old Honda has manual reserve.
The light is very random, sometimes it comes on way early, sometimes it comes on too late. I've had the light come on when its out of gas and leaves me stranded before. Other times it went on way before it needed gas.

The best indicator for fuel is to reset the odometer and at around 110 miles or so, get gas. ;)
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That's what I do. Set my Trip A to zero at the start of the day for total mileage and Trip B to zero for gas consumption indicator. Once I hit 100 miles I start looking for gas stations.
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