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I initially really disliked the feel of my 848 at low speeds, but I wrote it off to being a new rider. After getting some miles on my ride, I became much more comfortable at low speeds and I don't constantly feel like I need to make corrections and keep my feet out for stability in tighter turns.

I can echo the concerns of others in this thread in that the 848 definitely doesn't prefer to be driven under 4k RPM (shakes like a sumbitch). I have the 14T front sprocket, so that helps, but at low speeds manipulating the clutch is a must. I live in a neighborhood with very tight streets and a certain old woman who has nothing better to do than bitch at passing motorists whom she believes are going too fast. It just takes some getting used to, but I can say that it is well worth it considering how good the bike feels when you've got speed working for you!
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