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Hi guys,

I have been thinking about buying a Ducati 848 from a private party but was really turned off by the low speed handling when he let me take a test ride. The control inputs just sucked- the bike really wanted me to countersteer even at low speeds- and every dip or bend in the road resulted in the bike wanting to turn. I haven't bought the bike yet- will decide this evening.

-Is this just a suspension tuning issue or is there something wrong with this specific bike? (I'm 5'11" and 170; the guy selling it is 5'5" and ~140)
-I live downtown and will do a lot of my riding on bumpy city streets- is there a way to loosen up the suspension or something?
-Do you get used to the low-speed handling?

FWIW I really liked the high speed handling- the bike knew exactly how much it wanted to lean over. But I'm going to use it on the track or the highway only 10% of the time and the other 90% will probably be commuting to work through city streets and being in traffic on some level. I would much prefer a Ducati to an R6 or CBR, but there's no fun in having a cool bike if the handling sucks for 90% of your riding.

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