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Lowering Link Help!

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Hello, so I have a 2002 748 that I can barely touch the ground on my tippy toes. I purchased a lowering link to try and get it down a little so I don't drop the bike (again) when I'm trying to maneuver it. I got the part in the mail and there is only an inch difference in the stock link and the new one! I called the company and they assured me I can adjust it up to 4" I just don't see how that's possible! Am I missing something here? I determined that I only need about 2" to be 100% comfortable (I put 2x4s under my feet and it was perfect) Any advice? Is there some weird physics formula that makes 1" drop the bike 4"? Or should I be calling the company asking where my 4 inch drop is? I don't want to call and throw a hissy fit if I'm misunderstanding! Thanks!!!
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Is the circled thing what I'm replacing?


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Ok I guess I can try and help instead of tiring to sell crap all the time.

Yep the area you circled is correct. But I have a hard time believing you can get that drop with just the link.
If you look at the rear shock you'll notice it resembles a coil over. so what you need to do is get a spanner wrench 2 wrenches (coilover wrenchs) and loosen up the top nut/adjuster by putting a spanner wrench on each adjuster nut The adjust nuts get secured by getting tighten together. So 1 goes left and 1 goes right. Once it's loose and the top adjuster nut is out of the way you can take the wrench to the bottom adjuster nut.

If you look at the rear shock you'll be able to tell which way to shorten it once the adjuster nuts are loose.
I hope that helps.
Thank you a bunch!!!!
I highly doubt you can drop 4" with a shorter ride height. The shock would have to be shorter too. That's a huge difference! However, having not seen the part, I can't say for sure. Maybe post a picture of the original one next to the one you bought.
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Your 748 ride height could be set too high if you do not have the correct spring stiffnesses front and rear, and you have not set sag (ride height) for your body weight. The stock spring preload is set at the factory for a 165 lb. rider. If you are a lighter rider your ride height will be higher than the stock setting.

If you have a biposto 748 the stock rear spring stiffness is higher than for a monoposto which will make the rear ride higher when not carrying a passenger. If you don't expect to carry a passenger install the monoposto spring.

So, installing the correct springs and adjusting front and rear sag could bring your seat height down to a comfortable level. Reducing spring preloads will also lower the bike further ( beyond the recommended 30% of suspension travel) with the risk of bottoming out the suspension over severe bumps if you reduce preload too much.

Reducing ride height below the bike's design specification results in handling degradation (i.e., slower turning) and ground clearance issues so installing a shorter rear ride height adjuster rod and moving the forks up through the triple clamps should be a last resort and such changes minimized.

More here:

Lowering a Ducati Superbike - Ducati.ms - The Ultimate Ducati Forum
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Wow! I appreciate all the feedback!!! I got an email back from the place I got the lowering linkage, I questioned the parts ability to lower the bike and this is the response I got:

Yes the link you were sent will lower the bike the amount you need. To achieve lowering the link only needs to be shorted about a 1/4 inch for every 1 inch of lowering the motorcycle.

Thank you

Soupys Support Team
Soupys Performance LLC

Now obviously I'm not going to lower it 4inches because I don't need nearly that much.

I didn't think about the difference between the biposto and the monoposto, The bike is a biposto and I will never carry a passenger, I will talk to my mechanic about changing that!

I got the bike from a guy who was 220lbs so im sure he messed with everything to get it to work for him so that's another thing I will look into as well.
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Yeah you'll definitely want to look into getting the right spring and setting sag for your weight.

Looking at the geometry of the link/shock/ride height rod on the 748 (which is similar to most other models) I don't see how 1/4" rise on the ride height rod results in 1" height difference. I mean I know it's not a 1-to-1 ratio, but it sure as hell isn't 1-to-4.
I mean I know it's not a 1-to-1 ratio, but it sure as hell isn't 1-to-4.
It could be. I don't have the exact ratio for the 748 linkage, but I do know that shortening the 749's rear ride height adjuster rod 4 mm reduces the rear ride height 20 mm — a 1-to-5 ratio.
Wow! That's good to know! I kinda felt like there was an explanation!
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