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Hi Everyone,

This is my first message as my first bike.

I bought it used, Monster 821 - 2016 - Dark. Apparently all original parts. I do love the bike and the sound and I am learning every day with her.

One thing that makes me losing my mind, my bike doesn't show the cooling liquid temperature on the instrument panel.

On my 821 the little indicator in the middle is completely absence. Nothing, not even the error display on mulfucntion.

Anyone can help me to figure this out?
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Well, there is a coolant sending unit/sensor. These are often located on the left side (seated) in an external hose junction block. Normally this sensor runs off a 4-20mA current loop. If you possess a DMM(digital multi-meter), you can unplug the sensor and connect a few crude jumper wires. You can then observe the sensor output as the bike warms up. Be sure your meter leads are in the correct sockets(Amps) and setting is milliamps on the dial. The base reading of 4mA corresponds to LO and 8mA is 25%, 12mA is 50%, 16mA is 75% and 20mA is 100% of the temp. scale(any temp number is possible between these values). Clusters have the scaling factors programmed inside, so I cannot know this data, As the engine warms this sensor should linearly move up and probably operate around the mid range of 12-14mA.
If the sensor is working, move on to the harness and plug connections(clean them with a good electrical cleaner). Sorry for the complicated response.

Oh yeah, is your cooling fan cycling on and off properly? Sometimes, the same sensor will run the fan and is triggered by a certain temperature output.
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