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Brain is gonna hate on you with that Podium stickers :p
No way! He sold them to me (with the rearsets)! :p I've had them for like 3 years.

But I do have a Citta Corsa sticker somewhere on there.
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Know I won't win but just got her cleaned up so here's the picture.

Mods (probably forgetting a bunch):
Termi exhaust & ECU
30 mm triples
RSC steering damper
Full floating rotors
carbon front hugger
carbon rear hugger
carbon exhaust shields
GB racing covers
Podium Racing rearsets
Annitori QS Pro
Silicone hoses
Lightweight battery
Superpole seat
DP windscreen
aftermarket levers
speedymoto frame sliders
TPO oil drain fill and plug
CW license relocation and turn signals in vent
Adjustable ride height
Tech spec tank pads
Keyless gas cap
Spider grips
MWR race filters
520 chain and lightweight sprockets
TPO seat heat shield
EVR slave


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LOL @ the "close the thread now" posts!! ^_^

Great entires so far!! Yes, bolt-ons can be pretty boring. But a lot of riders on here have bikes that have a lot of effort put into them, be it for show, track, or just because. Anxious the see if this brings out any of those builds that have been lurking in the shadows....

I'd put one guy's in particular against anything on here. Hoping he posts just so he'll be forced to take a decent picture of his bike, lol.


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I'm hoping to see some original builds in this month's contest... Superbike builds are impressive on paper but not so much in the visual department.

I suspect this is highly unlikely though with such small volume in the monster and classic threads.

fingers crossed

sadtaco for the win
Thanks man. That's my pop's cart; he inhertited from his dad. Parents are retired and traveling for the winter, I warned him not to leave the keys for that thing when they left for the winter. Its become the bain of my existance and I am glad to be done with it. :yo:

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Can i submit twice? :yo:

2002 M750ie
Termi slipons
TPO Beast Kit (pods and stacks)
California Cycleworks ignition coils
NGK Racing wires
Satorimoto custom wet clutch cover
Powder coated pressure plate
PCV vented out the rear
Carbon shorty hugger
Ducabike rearsets
Brembo radial clutch grip
Woodcraft clip-ons
Custom paint
Wrapped pipes
Ducati Comfortseat
Speedymoto open belt covers
2007 Hypermotard oil cooler (with temp sensor)
Wire loom cleaned up
Streetfighter headlamps
Generator cover powdercoated black
Braketech cast iron rear rotor


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I don't think golf-cart guy read all the rules.. :confused:(

I might win with one of the longest lists of mods, but I have aimed to keep mine looking stock where possible, so it doesn't look all that amazing.

Rides pretty nice though..

I mostly ride on the road trying not to look too conspicuous.

(Might go and do that right now. Another beautiful day out there).

Good luck folks!
Take it easy son, it was a joke
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2008 848
~27,xxx miles of track & street riding

Mod list:
*OEM rear axle wheel-side nut


*Akrapovic Evolution slip-on exhaust
*ASV F3 clutch lever
*Ballistic Evo2 12-cell battery
*Brembo M4 Monoblock calipers
*Brembo RCS-19 brake master cylinder w/aero lever
*Brembo remote adjuster for RCS-19
*Carrozzeria V-Track wheels
*1Cabontech carbon bellypan
*Carbonvani carbon undertank panels
*CDT carbon swingarm cover
*CDT carbon ignition cover
*CDT carbon front sprocket cover
*CDT carbon brake reservior mount
*CDT carbon air intake runners
*CDT carbon nose, mids, and tail fairings (street)
*CNC Racing rear axle sprocket-side nut
*CNC Racing front axle sliders
*COX radiator, oil cooler, & engine case chain guards
*CRG RR rearsets
*D.I.D. VX525 chain
*Domino XM2 adjustable throttle assembly
*DucaBike fuel cap w/ carbon key
*DucaBike wet slipper clutch w/ clear case cover
*DucaBike carbon brake lever guard
*Ducati Performance/MotoScience LED mirrors
*Ducati Performance carbon tank protector
*Ducati Performance carbon air runner covers
*Ducati Performance oil fill & drain plugs
*Ducati Performance Superpole seat
*Ducati Performance ECU (custom tuned by Anthony @ DucMPLS)
*DucShop 28mm offset triples
*DucShop 'Daytona' linear rear link
*Dunlop Sportmax Q3 (street), GPA Pro (track), & KR (rains)
*Evoluzione rear fender eliminator (street)
*Fast Frank Racing Quick Change front axle setup w/captive spacers
*Galfer Wave rotors front & rear
*Galfer HH rear pads
*GB Racing water pump & magnet cover
*GPR V4 steering stabilizer
*MotoElectric battery/starter wiring
*MotoSport voltage regulator/rectifier
*Motowheels lightweight aluminum rear subframe
*MWR air filters
*Oberon 29 mm clutch slave cylinder
*Ohlins FGRT 819 forks
*Ohlins TTX36 rear shock
*PC Racing billet oil filter
*PitBull 14 tooth front sprocket
*Renthal grips (medium compound)
*Rizoma brake & clutch fluid reservoirs
*Rizoma clear timing belt cover
*Rizoma clutch reservoir mount
*R&G clutch case protector (track)
*R&G tank sliders
*Samco coolant hoses
*Sato Racing adjustable ride height adjuster
*Sharkskinz fairings (track)
*ShiftTech carbon front fender
*ShiftTech carbon extended chain guard
*ShiftTech carbon instrument panel cover
*Speedymoto under-fairings frame sliders
*Speedymoto Omni clip-on bars
*Spiegler Alt 2 stainless braided front brake lines & rear line
*StompGrip tankpads
*Translogic quickshifter
*TST Industries integrated taillight (street)
*TwillTech carbon dash
*Vesrah RJL-XX front brake pads
*XT Racing GPX Pro4 lap timer/data logger w/brake pressure sensor
*ZeroGravity Corsa clear windscreen

*Decals by Drippin'Wet, SRSignDesign, & TrackDecals.com
*Track bodywork & frame paint by Hering Kustoms
*Suspension refresh by Desmo Veloce
*Saftey wired as per CRA-MN race handbook w/Engine Ice coolant replacement
*Everything installed/crashed/disassembled/reinstalled by yours truly :)

Thanks for looking!!!



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Shit...he saw the thread....well there goes all hopes! :D

Christian, I think I know who you're talking about. Plus there's another one on here that doesn't really post much. I think I showed you some pictures of his heavily modded 1198 after I drooled for about an hour!

Oh, and you know you're legit when you actually take the time to order everything alphabetically! LOL....I just stared at my bike for about 20 minutes and just listed things I saw. Which reminds me that I forgot about my Podium Racing keyless gas cap.
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Shit...he saw the thread....well there goes all hopes! :D

Christian, I think I know who you're talking about. Plus there's another one on here that doesn't really post much. I think I showed you some pictures of his heavily modded 1198 after I drooled for about an hour!
Yep, I remember that one you showed me as well. If anything, maybe some of the regulars posting their bikes will bring the 'big boys' out of the woodwork.

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I most likely got it wrong between the custom and modded .

Anyway keep the bolt on's coming .
I wish I were creative enough to come up with a neat one-off custom. Sad thing is my habit of tracking (and wrecking earlier in my learning) would have me remaking custom parts after every td, lol.

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Mod list:

A&R Exhaust Baffels
AEM Triple Tree
Ducabike Levers
Ducabike Rearsets
Galfer Front Brake Rotors
K&N Air Filter
55w Gotham Cycles HID Kit
14T sprocket
Carbon Fiber Belly Pan
Carbon Fiber Tank Fairings
Carbon Fiber Air Runners
Carbon Fiber Clutch Cover
Carbon Fiber R&G Tail Sliders
Carbon Fiber R&G Tank Sliders
Rizoma Brake Reservoir
Rizoma Clutch Reservoir
Kaoko Throttle Lock and Bar End

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