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Thanks for the advice. Just so you'll know, I tried MSF's website, entered my zip, and was informed that the nearest location was at the Honda Center 75 miles away I then called their 800 number, got on their automated carousel, input my zip, and was given the three closest locations as Hawthorne, Camarillo, and Altadena.

BTW, as with most carousels, once you're on, there's no getting off, and there's no option available to talk to an actual human. Good job MSF. Way to piss-off potential customers. I did send them an email, but I'll not hold my breath waiting for a reply.

OK, rant over. Again, thank you for the suggestion. No sarcasm intended.


I just received a reply from MSF. They are no longer affiliated with the Ca. Motorcyclist Safety Program, and since MSF's course does not offer the DMV waiver (DL389), they only offer their instructional course in a limited number of locations.

Contact info for CMSP:

californiamotorcyclist.com (877) 743-3411
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