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Md Ducati riders

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Post up rides, live in Westminster area.
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Northern Baltimore County.
Where do you guys normally ride? Not such a big fan of the highways around here, but the country/farm roads I live by are amazing.
There are some decent mountain roads up in Frederick. Howard and Mongomery counties have some decent backroads too north of 95 and the beltway.
Ride route 77 from Thurmont to smithsburg, and the roads that come off of it in the park. Just don't go down park central road as it is the entrance to camp David and they don't like that.
Landover MD. '15 Diavel. Let me know if a ride is planned.
I might see those guys around hunt valley if I'm out on sunday morning. I have been doin the york/belfast road thing for the past couple weekends since harford rd area is starting to bore me... Plus I'm digging that quaint little coffee shop on the way up to hereford. It wouldn't be a ducati ride if I didn't stop for a cup of joe lol, and at least it ain't starbucks.
There's a ride being planned here:


You can tell them if you're coming or not here:


I'm going!

Not Ducati only, but there will be a few Ducs there.
MTB...Nice! Sounds like a great group. Just had a chat with my Duc, she says "LETS GET IT" :yo:
Post on the reddit "headcount" thread if you are coming!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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