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Metzler Sportec M7 Pressure

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Took a chance and strayed away from Pirelli and mounted some Metzler Sportec M7's. Has anybody else done that? What kind of tire pressure are you running? What other experiences have you had?
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Metzeler M7

For me the best tire for the Multi so far as I am a very sporty rider.

Before I had the Rosso2, wasnt so happy, took very long to get temperatures,, then after 2500km the tire was killed

Changed to the Angel GT, fantastic tire! Excellent grip and holds around 5000km... but the form of the tire stoped the multi of beeing very agile in corners,,, was quiet ok but not as good as with the M7

I propose front 2.5bar back 2.7bar (i ride alone)

visit my youtubechannel: julian studer

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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