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I tried a new rear-facing gopro mount during a track day at Mid-Ohio yesterday, and like it. I believe it shows the geography better and more accurately depicts how technical this track is.

This was my first ride after renewing the final drive (new 525 chain, front and rear sprockets and an AFAM quick change carrier). I changed the stock gearing from 15t front/39t rear to 15/41. During my research it was noted that this set up may impact top-end speed on the longer straights, but I did not experience this; in fact, my top speed of 163 mph (on dash) with the 39t was matched yesterday with the 41t.

For me, the geometry changes that resulted from the gearing change made this bike much more ride-able. If I'm measuring correctly, the rear wheel position was extended rearward 5mm, and I'm sitting approximately 8mm lower.

Try it, you'll like it!

Here's the video, enjoy:

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