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Dear All

Newbie here to both Ducati and this forum. I just bought a 2000 which needs some wiring work and I'm hoping for some advice.

I need to replace the red positive battery lead. The lead has a small, black plastic box where it splices into 3 leads - one to the starter solenoid and the other 2 to supply +12v to the rest of the circuit. The color wiring diagram I have shows that the box is just a splice. Here's a photo of the cable and box.


Unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, the parts diagram (see link below) doesn't show the positive lead or splicer box so I don't know if this can be ordered as a spare part. The negative lead is shown as part of the complete harness as well as the starter motor side of the solenoid but not the positive lead.

Can anyone advise me on this.

Thanks in advance


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