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Monster Evo 1100 anv edition

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I just bought the bike recently and is my first bike.would like to know the list of products or items I need to maintain my bike as new.
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nice grats!! welcome to the duc family! here's a list of what i can think of, good can of chain cleaner (don't use brake or carb cleaner) good chain lube ( DO NOT use wd40) basic hand tools with a good set of allens. rear stand. maybe a front stand. quality wax and soap. I don't recommend dish soap it softens paint and strips wax. any good auto soap will be fine. good brake/clutch fluid. A spanner wrench for the chain adjuster if you have a single sided swing arm. And a high quality air pressure gauge. that's really it for the basic stuff! enjoy !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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