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I just want to pass this on to all monster owner

Dear President,
We would like to inform you about an engagement initiative regarding the Monster community, called Monster’s day.

After the great celebration at WDW2014 with the Monster Wall, an entire wall dedicated to the Monsteristi and their bikes, we've decided to give you one more reason to tell us your stories: a day as a real Monsterista here at Borgo Panigale, where the legendary Monster was born and continues to be born each day, together with the Ducati people who experience it every day. And that’s not all: an exclusive test ride on the roads of the Apennines that witnessed the birth of the legend.

A 100% naked Ducati day that only a true Monsterista can win! Do you hope it's you? If so, upload your story now on Monster Tales. You have up until 30 August. An internal Ducati jury will select the "King of Monsteristi" who will enjoy a unique experience at Borgo Panigale for the day. Upload your story now and become "King of the Monsteristi".

At the link below you can find all the contest regulations

Ducati Monster Tales

have a nice day

Team DOC

Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
Via Cavalieri Ducati, 3
40132 Bologna, Italy
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