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More problems on 1098 - Concluded?! hell no

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OK,still wont start but turns over;

The freakin thing developped another potential problem: delay when pushing the starter button.

I have yet to check the insides of the switch cluster but something is afoot.
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Lots of time was wasted on winter and being mad at the bike...lots a money spent and research and effort but for those who followed, every sensors and such are new, Termi ECU has been reflashed to last update etc etc.

I should be good to go for a couple years.
OK, went through the old fuel and currently on fresh stuff. Power back to normal (that engine has brand new rings after all) idles and run low rpms no stalling, no leaks no odd noises besides the ones I imagine in my head becoz 11 pages worth of resons.

Put-putted around town posing to get the temp high (pre fan trigger though) a few times and no problems. Temp goes back to 72c as soon as I get on the open road.

Looks to be cured, exorcism successful, devil compelled, saved a Tricolore from being parted out. (yay)

What did it you ask;

I think that check valve in the oil pump (its a mechanical check valve) got stuck somehow with debris and prevented oil from circulating since MBR put his durty hands on it.

I can do an autopsy of that oil pump and report if interests are shown...but I doubt...that sheet only happen to me apparently.
1 week of riding, top speed runs, cruise,heat cycles...everything seemed fine and dandy until....I hit a 103C stride, brought it down to 93C by speeding up, grabbed the clutch because something felt odd and it died.A CAA ride later, remove parts and...belt shredded. Possibly a bent valve.On the exhaust cam this time. No oil starvation problem so this is repaired but hell.

Things point out to (that is a theory here) slightly worn crank bearings that require (at the point they are) the perfect storm for the valve to make contact (thinning oil enough?) OR theory #2 bad head gasket (wrong thickness for whichever reason)

Bad: I threw out the old head without taking out the valves and shims and everything else :/
I was recently going through this similar issue on my recently purchased low mileage 1098s. Rough idle, would stall when engine was warmed up, exhaust was soooo hot my nuts would be roasted at the end of a ride, I also found it difficult to find the clutch point and it would always look and sound like I was still learning to get off the mark in 1st gear.

Yes it does and all relays are new ..the priming sound is loud and clear;

Might be worth a shot to mention that when it does start it runs rough and you have to sliiiightly keep pressure on the throttle tube to keep it idling and if I can hold it there and make it reach op temp (40C) it then slowly dies like you emptied the bowls on a carbureted bike
This could be a symptom caused by the "black" spark plug you mentioned. I have had my 1098 cut to running on one cylinder due to too many cold starts without riding anywhere. It is due to too much soot on the plug insulator which shorts the plug to ground and stops one cylinder from firing. The easy test for this is after the engine dies or even just after 10-20 sec running lick your finger and dab it on the header pipe. If it sizzles on one and not the other the non sizzling one is not firing the spark plug. The engine also does not idle well if at all in this state. If you run it too long like this you will be able to see the cats in the exhaust glowing unusually brightly.
221 - 226 of 226 Posts
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