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Just noticed that Nicky Hayden will be back next weekend, after missing a few rounds through injury.

And that Marc Marquez reckons that Aragon is his favourite track of the year..

Just trying to psyche out the opposition, or does he really mean it?

Got a bit of confidence to get back after crashing last time out.

Looking forward to the racing.


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Yes, a lot to look forward to.

I'm afraid I have a bit of a sinking feeling about Nicky's future.

There is obviously a trend now to get younger riders into the MotoGP saddles earlier in their careers, and the likes of Edwards and Hayden are going to have to step aside.

A bit unfortunate in both cases, and neither rider had much of a chance on competitive machinery.

Must be a test of their trademark tenacity to be giving up their rides to children. But that was always going to happen.

The changing landscape of what is now an increasingly TV-driven spectacle.

It's getting more like pop music - one minute you're world famous, and everyone wants you, the next you've been discarded and the show moves on.


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Perhaps you should have read Freight's post.
Me too. We have been reading about this for some time.

Not getting our hopes up too high, and of course Ducati still have the clear advantage of the Open class rules to assist them, but a Ducati back in the leading bunch is a sight we have been missing until recently.

It will be nice to see the boys in red back at it. Apart from poor old Cal. They've given up on him.


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Nicky really should try WSBK. The MotoGP refugees seem to do well.
Yes, and I think there have been discussions along these lines.

To give him his due, he is a hard-working rider, and good at development, which is probably what has sustained his career recently. And everyone seems to like him.

For those who haven't noticed yet, Kenny Noyes is getting another go at Moto2, on Nakagima's bike, and he knows Aragon very well.

So worth the US guys catching up with Moto2 this weekend.

And Moto3, to see how our Jack goes hanging onto his diminishing points lead.

Some seriously technical sections at that circuit.

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Sorry fellers, but can't really agree with that one.

But you knew I would say that..

I've only seen the incident which took Miller out of that race once, but it didn't look all that forgivable to me.

Given that Miller was leading the championship at the time.

But I will watch it right through again, and see how it looks second time around..

A shame to see so many contenders on the ground this weekend.


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Pat.. Did you watch the Moto3 QP?
Pay special attention around the 33.53 left point..
Almost the same type of event as to what happened touring the race.. Except that it was dry.. But still.. Millers hands in the air being forced to "share" the track..

And do not forget the "stoppy" that Miller did around the 4:30 left point in QP.. Could have really gone the wrong way that one...

I saw that Alex had made the move.. Hade the inside advantage.. And Miller and his own stubbornness tried to avoid the wet line on the outside and turned in on Alex.

Miller kind of came off as a bit of a douche this weekend in my eyes.. I like the guy.. But it was reminding me of Sete this weekend. Even kind of looks like Sete if you ask me?
Waving fists all over the place.. Full on stoppy's..
He better focus up, cause the other guys want that title as well..
And this fist in the air crap?
Wait till Miller goes against the older brother in the future..
Do not think that Marc was not watching that today..

Down to the wire.. And it is going to be good..
No mate. In fact I haven't even seen the Moto3 race through yet. All I saw was a brief highlight of the crash, which didn't please me!
But I hear you on Miller getting a bit carried away with the carry-on. He will need to control that.
Not excited about the likeness you see with Gibernau - can't really see it myself.
But we can be sure that Miller is in no way 'buying the ride' the way Gibernau (related to Senor Bulto and Spanish motorcycle aristocracy) did back then.
And remember that Miller is out there on his own amongst the European riders, without a team-mate or fellow countryman anywhere near him for support.
He needs to not get that Ant West 'the world is against me' mentality, even though it might feel a bit like that at the moment. We can be sure there will be a bit of jealousy out there for his Honda contract.
But yes, he definitely needs to focus on the Moto3 championship, without the other contenders getting at him psychologically.
Easier said than done of course, on a bike that is a little down on speed, in a group who may not like him much.
I guess the danger is that he could become more focussed on next year (even though he said it wouldn't happen) and could end up never winning any championship.
But I think he's smart. And not short on courage, or ability.
He's got most of the necessary stuff. I still rate him for the future, if he can remain injury free.

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Worth a watch the Moto3 race is.. Even aside from the Miller/Marquez moment..

As far as my reference to Sete? Purely physical. Just the face.. I thought that they look similar.. That was all.

As far as Miller's antics? I know that he is really young, and I had some similar thoughts towards Marquez not that long ago as well.

Marquez has matured quit rapidly in my book.. A very impressive turn around. I hope that Miller does't he same.
I like his fire.. I like the way that he rides..
Just needs to go about the "respect the other guys while on the track" route a bit. Especially on them there small bikes. There is always going to be a train of them around a track.

Going to be an interesting race for that title till the end.

Do check that race out.. It was a good one..
You can be sure I will be watching every moment shortly.

Just got to fit it in..

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