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And to this day, nobody puts in more testing laps than Nicky does.
As IF others dont "test".
Nicky won his championship on a bike that was unabashedly developed around Pedrosa; and Honda pretty much turned their back on him after he won the title. I've been a Honda guy for a long time, but I'm still ticked off about that.[/QUOTE]


Bikes are developed prior to the season, not before. The FACT is that the "EVO" bike was never, ever ridden by Pedrosa and much less tested. The EVO bike was also slated for Marco, but "somehow" he never got to sit on it, let alone have a crack at it. ONLY Hayden and Honda's test rider rode tested and Hayden choose it. Had he rejected it, it would have gone to Marco - certainly NOT pedrosa who was - as Rossi was in 2000 a ROOKIE and like Rossi (in 2000) in his "rookie" year, he rode the previous year machine (2005).

But of course the Hayden apologists like yourself a ready to make up BS to justify why Hayden can cut it.


Soooooo, tell us why Hayden is being beaten by his teammate and Redding on the same exact machine? Oh yes,... the wrist - "one armed racer" "captain hook" Chances are he would beat most here arm wresting with his "bad" wrist. My plated wrist works real fine, i tell ya.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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