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moto gp bikes now with only 800 cc and electronic wizardry for traction and super duper technical slipper clutch wiz bang stuff is moving our sport away from the similarities that we have always related to, riders know what the racer is experiencing more so than cars, to think that any ROADGOING 1000cc hondasuziyamawaki is capable of lapping the island within 8 seconds of a gp bike s lap record we will start to see that gap widen like in f1 albert park 1min 30 for f1 2min 06 for a v8 supercar what car can you buy thats within 20secs of a v8 so its nearly what 80% a lap slower where a bike is less than 10% for $17,000. thats if your dumb enough to buy yourself a rrxrzryryryr. the bikes are not tying themselves in knots like 500's and then the 990's,they now are as smooth and stable and dignified, instead of less cc and more rpm it is my opinion it should be the other way big cubes lighter weight limits and whats the idea of crackin the 20,000 rpm barrier on a 4 cylinder 800cc bike anyway, each cylinder is only 200cc its small as, on stacey's on board if you slo mo it you will see 18,700rpm. bring back the high side.
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