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I've got a question hope somebody here can answer this will a set of standard mufflers offer 1098 2018 set on my Ducati monster S4 as of damaged one of my mufflers and cannot afford to replace the carbon fibre one that are fucked up real bad.
They won't bolt on if that's what you're asking, you 'may' be able to modify them to fit but there's a bit of work (and consequently $$) involved.
Is yours the standard S4 with the low mufflers on each side or the R/RS with the twin high pipes on the RH side?
If they're the low pipes give Pat @ Marco Imports in Lower Hutt a call (027-546 3405) he has a lot of used spares and I know he has some Monster mufflers on his website at present for $250 the pair which may fit.
Otherwise have a look on TradeMe as there's a few on there at time of writing or contact Ducati Spares in Dunedin, they are wrecking an S4 at present so may have the mufflers:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts