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Multistrada fuel leak

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My MTS is an 06' with only 1500 miles on it. Never wrecked and babied. 6 months ago I was at speed with my wife on the back. At about 75 mph a strong smell of fuel caught my attention. I immediately stopped to find out that a constant stream of fuel was trickling down the back shock and onto the swing-arm and motor. I barely made it back home, luckly I was only about 2 miles away. The bike was towed and "fixed". Yesterday I was about to hop on for a track day and again!! Exact same problem!! Frustrating never the less. Anybody heard of this? Is this a recall issue?
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Have you had any further trouble with your fuel leak? I also have a 2006 MTS 1000S with a horrible fuel leak - my local ducati dealer tells me its related to a faulty fuel tank and will be replaced! It concerns me that your problem reoccurred?



I own '06 MTS with 10,300 miles on it. I have heard of the fuel leak problem. There are extinsive threads on this at multistrada.net I gather that it is a faulty gas tank issue and that some have cracked. Mine leaked once from the gaskets that connect the fuel lines to the fuel pump-fixed under warrenty, no problem since then.

good luck hope this helps,
Vivik (same name at multistrada site)
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