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Ducati went on the cheap when it comes to the key and key fob. Very soft metal.
If you notice the key narrows/tapers at the base of the fob. If you don’t keep the gas cap lock, the seat lock and the bag locks well lubricated with a silicone, the key will eventually snap at the base. I have a 2016 1200 S Multistrada. This is my third Ducati, I had a 1098, a 1200 Monster now a multistrada.
I’m on my third key fob for the multistrada at at $187.00 each plus paying to have it cut, plus paying to have it programmed.
The first fob snapped at the base and I ordered one for the dealer. They sent me to a reccomened lock smith who destroyed the key trying to cut it. He said no guarantees. The Ducati Dealer only gave me partial credit back to be used in the service department. Had to order a second fob at187.00 and try another lock smith with no guarantee. He cut it fine and I used my credit at the dealership to have it programmed. Such a deal. Lost my second fob a couple years later and had to order a new fob from dealer, $187.00, pay to have it cut and pay to have it programmed.
Current day- On a trip last week and took both the new fob and the red chip spare key. I left the chip key in the back luggage box and a friend bumped it and snapped the tip off. Tried to order a new red chip key. Ducati doesn’t sell the Red chip key anymore by itself for 88 dollars plus $ to cut plus $ for reprogramming. You can only get a new fob at $188.00
If you want the red chip key you have to order the whole “Key Kit”which comes with a new fob, a red key and three locks at $400.00, not sure why they give a third lock. You actually need 4 locks, one for the seat, one for the gas cap and two for the side bags or five if you have the rear trunk box. So now you have to carry an extra key to unlock the bags. So I ordered the new fob. Picked it up today payed my 188.00 donation. I have an appointment with the lock smith and Another’s appointment to have it programmed at the dealer. The Ducati salesmen came and showed me the new Multistrada V 4 tri color. First I’ve seen. Very Nice looking bike. I asked him how many keys did it come with? He said ONE. I asked what about the spare key? he said you have to order it. I looked at the new fob key for the new bike and it’s the same [email protected]%g key design as in the past, narrow tapered at the bottom. Same old stuff. This must be a big profit item for Ducati. But it has become a major new bike sales deterrent.
I hope the north America Ducati rep reads this because I will never own another Ducati “Ever”
P.s. I also wanted to mention that the rear turn signal Rubber mounts dry rotted and the right turn signal was hanging by the wire. The exhaust pipe cover vibrates and rubbed on the fire shield of the right bag and is all marked up. The is the second one. The dealer tried to bend the pipe away but it did not work.
Ok I’m done.
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