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I did my 30k valve adjustment, vertical head first and then horizontal head. The vertical head went back together fine and I can turn it over with the rear wheel with no interference.

Different story on the horizontal head. Both exhaust closing shims needed to be changed. I changed the left one but I could not remove the right one. I cannot move the collar down on the shim to remove the half rings. After much frustration, I decided to reassemble the front and check the result. The intake cam installs fine and turns normally. The exhaust side has something wrong. When I install the exhaust cam with the engine at top dead center, I can turn it through the closer which is about 90 degrees and then it locks up. To me that seems to mean there is an issue with the closers. But with the cam out, I can push both the exhaust openers down by hand. The springs feel significantly stronger than when pushing the intake openers, but the valve opens.

I cannot see anything out of place so I am at a loss about what the problem could be. I could really use some ideas about what the issue could be. Obviously I cannot get the engine back together and running without figuring this problem out.

Any suggestions about what I did wrong or what else I should be checking? Any experienced users anywhere near the Charlotte area? All help appreciated!

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