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My Ducati ST2 will not give more than 4000 RPM!

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Suddenly the Ducati will not work above 4-5000 rpm.
I have checked a lot, but still the engine will not run above 4-5000 rpm. Feel like it does not get gasoline.

I have done following:
-Checked all wire and connections -and spark plugs
-Open the tank and checked pump and filter (new)
-Measured the TPS (throttle control) and it gives 0,8v up to 4,8v at max opening as recommended.

Regards -Kjell - 2097 - DUCATI ST2

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Compression: Not it because it runs. But I'd still check for power loss against book running pressure numbers..
Spark: Not it because it can run up to full advance at 4k.
Fuel: Bingo... weak fuel pump pressure. Cannot meet demand.
So get running, voltmeter across the battery, rev the engine, Does it show over 13.8v? 14.4v? Then back to fuel.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts