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My Monster is now feeling better

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Hello Brothers and Sisters I thought I would share with you all my story of making my beloved 696 feel better .After several days of head scratching, changing spark plugs and fuel filters, asking questions and diagnostic dismantling and reassembling all to no avail my monster was still running rough. In the end I surrendered and booked the bike in to the Ducati mechanic who also had no idea. This made me very worried as I knew I was about to hand over some serious hard earned dollars. Fortunately for me the bike could not be looked at for another week and a half. So with a bit of time up my sleeve I decided to check the plugs one more time. The spark plug on the top head appeared to be quite loose which gave me concern. The plug looked fine as they were only a couple of hundred kms on it. Then I found it, looking down into head beside the whole were the spark plug screws into sat a very small pebble. I removed the pebble than screwed the plug back in hoping this was the culprit. I donned my helmet gloves and boots jumped on the bike and we sped off with fingers crossed. Eureka the monster now performed like a monster should. Now the problem was when I first changed the spark plugs I did not see the small stone so when I screwed the new spark plug in it wedged under the edge of the plug which stopped the plug from being fully inserted consequently leaving a very small gap which made the bike loose compression. From now on I will blow out any debris with compressed air before I remove anything. The upside to this story is the pebble did not fall into the cylinder, now that would be a scenario that I try not to think about.
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two threads w same story?
I call for a third! :)
^^ HAHA no please don't copy and paste this in any more threads
Nothing better than figuring out an issue, no matter how small, on yer own. Good on ya!
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