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Made the jump back into the Superbike world after a couple years away. Just picked up an amazing 999 down in Western NC last week -- currently at Redline Motorsports for new belts and 2-year service. Just checking in here as I'm sure i'll be posting in the future with questions. I'm psyched to be part of the group. To each their own, but I owned an 1198 until 2 years ago, and I had the means to purchase another, or for that matter, an 899/1199. But I chose the 999.

Here's what I'm working with:
Ohlins DU301 set up by Cogent
Ohlins R/T forks set up and serviced by Cogent
Ducati R/T triple tree
EVR Slipper Clutch Sintered Plates w/ Lithium Upgrade
EVR slave cylinder
EVR sprocket cover
Samco Hose kit
Case saver
Termignoni half system
STARBLADE AXIS CMC Full Floating Rotors
Brake Tech Carriers
Ferodo Racing XRAC pads
Speedy Moto Half Clutch Cover
Speedy Moto Frame Sliders
Speedy Moto Axle Sliders
Speedy Moto Slider Spools
Shift-Tech Hugger/Chain Guard
Corse Dynamics Safety Wire Type Aluminum Oil Fill Plug
Corse Dynamics Magnetic Safety Wire Type Drain Plug
LighTech Aluminum Keyless Fuel Cap
Pazzo Racing Short Levers
DP Natural Reservoir covers
Woodcraft 1.5 Inch Clip On Risers/Bars
Motovation Bar End Sliders
Ohlins SD168 Steering Damper
Gilles Adjustable Rear Sets
Marchesini Forged Aluminum Wheels
Techspec Snake Skin Tank Grip


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Beautiful - congratulations. I'm curious about the woodcraft risers as you mention that they're the 1.5" rise. Would you mind posting (or sending me) some close ups of the risers and all the stuff on the bars, even better if you can snap some pictures at full lock turn each side. I'm struggling with whether to order the 1" or 1.5" rise for my woodcraft as I'm unsure of clearance issues with anything greater than 1". And yes, I've got aftermarket brake and clutch reservoirs so I'm not worried about clearance with the original ones.

Thank you

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Alon, will do. Won't get it back from the stealer til this weekend probably though. Dropped it off last Tuesday for new belts, and as of today they said it "might" be done by this Saturday. The only dealer around...

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Thanks man. It was a biposto from the factory. Previous owner swapped rear ends with a 03 or 04 999s from what I understand.

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Looks like the mono subframe assembly and the forks/shock are all from a donor '03/04 S. Definitely a nice upgrade.

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