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I bought an 05 749a 5 months ago. It ran great for 2 months and I put 3k miles on it. Well a friend of mine crashed it 2 months ago. It ran after he wrecked it but a broken clutch reservoir and left resrset made it unrideable. While I was replacing the necessary parts to get it running again I installed HID headlights, a led tail light strip, powder coated the headlight housing and put on a carbon fiber ignition cover. When everything was done and back together I went to start it and nothing. So I checked the wiring and noticed that I didn't plug the immobilizer antenna back in. Plugged it back in and still nothing. So I check the codes and it comes back with 37.3 and 38.0. I replaced the immobilizer antenna and it still wast starting and giving the same codes. Then I sent my ecu off to S.O.S. diagnostics in Oregon to get the immobilizer bypassed and they said my ecu went bad and they wanted $500 for a new one with the bypass enabled. So I went online and found a good ecu, ignition, dash, and 3 keys (2 black 1 red) installed it all (making sure the ground on the ecu was good) and went to go start it. But nothing happened. Now here is the weird part. I plugged in my old key cylinder. Turned the key back and forth a few times and hit the starter and it ran for 5 seconds and then died. It only did this twice. It also doesn't give the neutral light on the dash? It is currently giving me error code 37.0, 37.3 and 38.0 with the new ecu ignition and dash. Also the dash will count down from 30 then say OFF on the screen. It's been two months of headaches and hoping to figure out this issue. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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