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Need new timing belts and clutch

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Anybody have any ideas as to what belts to buy. The dealer where I live is selling oem belts for about 100$ca each. Also while I have them off I'm going to change both the tensioner pulleys as the horizontal has a bit of play if you wiggle the pulley.
Also the clutch I'm looking at is a Barnett basket ( the one with the steel inserts ) and the steel discs and fiction discs to match.
The bike is on stands now till spring so any other maintenance thing I can think of will be done this winter as well ( plugs, oil change, clean chain, new front tire ) I will be doing all work by myself, as an auto tech I feel more than comfortable dealing with anything the 999s could throw my way
Any input as to what you guys think or any experience with certain clutches and belts and parts suppliers would be appreciated.
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Let's start with this. What bike because they don't all use the same belts.
Sorry bike is an 05 999s deep sump
With a full termi system and it has open vented belt covers
Hey sorry guys but I'm going to bump my own thread and steal it for another couple issues I've got
1/. Pulled bike apart to do belts and found the idler and tensioner pulley bearing pulleys loose (have play/wiggle) so pulled the bearing out and went to napa and they matched the number on the bearing. Got 4 of them for 44$ca. Nice.
Has anybody put non ducati bearings in there belt tensioners before without issue?
2/. With bike apart it's an opportune time to change plugs. Pulled of the vertical ignition coil and found that the fuel hose had rubbed on the side of the coil where the wires come out the coil. Previous owner put silicon on it to bandage fix the rubbing. ( will post photo later) But I want to put a new coil in to insure no issues. Does anybody have a good used one to sell me? Will pay for shipping to central alberta canada.
A bit late now but I use the Cycle Works Exactfit timing belts. Cost Australian $170 for two genuine cost just about double that here.
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