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Does anybody have an unused, unneeded LH OEM mirror extender for the 1098 (same as 848/1198 obviously)?

Part number is: 713.1.461.1A

I need one because the fastener screw seat (female) turns with the mirror fastener screw on mine. No way to unscrew it. I had to Dremel the hex screw head off while on the bike in order to remove the mirror assembly. I removed the base from the mirror, but see no way of saving this one. Pretty silly problem, but it renders this base useless.

New ones are about $28, but I'm not sure if I'll find one in stock anywhere soon. I'll check in the morning. Thought I'd ask here first.

Maybe somebody here has installed mirror extenders and has a spare set of OEM (about 1.5") ones laying around.

Here's hoping, and thanks in advance!

Greg in Houston
2007 1098
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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