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Does anyone know what it means when the little LED on the Nemesis TC-pod is white? Or maybe like a very faded purple/blue-ish?? I looked in their manual online and there is no mention of that. All they say is green light means all is well, red means TC is off, and yellow means the QS input is disabled by the internal program (in other words, something is wrong, not that I disabled it). I plugged in my QS again and after that I noticed that light. It's always been green up until now, even last time I had the QS plugged in. I unplugged it and turned the bike on and that same light is still on. It doesn't go back to green, no matter what I do. I disabled the QS input as well, and still nothing changed.

Not sure what's going on or if it's even a problem at the moment. Bike is on the trailer now because I'm heading out to a track day tomorrow so I can't test anything. If the QS doesn't work, I really don't care now, but I'm hoping the TC still works....really don't want to end up in a big high-side because of a TC malfunction...don't want to end up like Pedrosa at Aragon 2013! :eek:
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