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Thanks Dutch! Look at that, a couple hours and first question answered already.
And thanks for the welcome Gunny... I've read a lot of threads and everyone seems pretty chill. BTW I also wanna know what type of oil and weight y'all prefer on your 848...

welcome and congrats!

I use shell rotella t6 5/40. I use in my f250 super duty to pull a 40 toy hauler, a wife, 2 kids, a Yorkshire terrier and an 848 :) Since shell doesn't sell the ultra line of oil here in the states I decided to call shells technical folks. I basically called to see if they could tell me where i could get the Ultra oil spec'd by the oem. The guy asked right away if I had a ducati and then went on to say that due to the lack of demand in the states they wont be importing the oil here.

I asked what they had and when he said Rotella you could have knocked me over with a feather but at the same time i was kind of like huh that makes sense because my truck works its ass off and the oil hasnt failed me yet.

All the personal testimony aside I highly suggest you read bobistheoilguy.com Oil University, start here Motor Oil 101 - Bob is the Oil Guy - Bob is the Oil Guy. I thnk youll find this an interesting read.

Much goes in to what sort of oil you should choose. Riding style, maintenance habits, local wether/temps, how much money you want to throw at the cause.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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