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07Ducati 1098, 06KTM 950, 01BMW F650GS, 07Aprilia RXV450, 07Harley V-Rod, 09BMW HP2 Sport N/O, etc
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Hello All,
I've used not only this but many other forums to, perform maintenance, diagnose issues, choose gear/parts/consumables/etc, learn of upgrades, and on and on and on for anything imaginable. This and forums like it, have been a wealth of knowledge and guidance for me and have kept me from making catastrophic mistakes, and have provided the resources necessary to do every bit of maintenance or repair work I ever felt confident enough to attempt.

At this point I believe I've reached a point where I might be able to give back some of what I've gotten over the last decade.

About Me:
A degreed Mechanical Engineer, currently working in the permanent magnet industry, in Southern California.
My Bikes:
In running and riding condition I currently own an 07Ducati 1098 (RACE ECU,08 Engine)06KTM 950ADV (S Height), 07Aprilia RXV450, 01BMW F650GS (WP Suspension), 07Harley V-Rod (Nitrous maybe)
In Project condition I own an 09BMW HP2 sport, R1200RTP, and R1150RTP
My Interests:
All forms of motorcycling, MT biking, 3D printing, Adventures, Fitness

Aside from knowledge regarding any of the above, a few things I may be able to offer anyone here include the following.
- Fidlock Hook 25 ALU buckle kit. If you don't know what the fidlock buckle is, look it up. Very novel magnetic helmet buckle design. With my background in engineering and the magnetics industry I put together a kit to retrofit any double D ring helmet to use the Fidlock buckle. Essentially I was in the market for an ADV lid and was really looking hard at the Klim Krios Pro, but in the end when I asked myself why I wanted the helmet so bad when comparing it to the top competition, ie Arai XD4, Shoei X2 Hornet, AGV AX8/9 it was mostly the damn magnetic buckle I wanted. The koroyd is a cool concept too but it's a damn expensive helmet, and no deals to be found. Long story short I decided to figure out a way to put in on any helmet, and with what I would have paid for a Klim Krios Pro I bought all three of the above alternatives. I had to buy a bulk of buckles from Fidlock to get any at all so I have...Extra, and figured I'd put kits together for anyone interested.
- A resource for CAD design and 3D printing services of functional parts from engineered materials such as nylons, carbon fiber nylon, carbon fiber polycarbonate, ABS, ASA, PETG and various others. I have a handful of printers, largest volume 400mm cubed, and 280mm DIA x 600mm Length. Say you broke something and need a replacement that is, no longer made, too expensive, and/or needs modification. You have an idea for something you, and maybe other people want/need but don't have a way to fully design and manufacture a usable, durable, and otherwise professional performing/appearing solution. These sorts of projects are really interesting to me and I very much enjoy the iterative process of designing and producing something that has a useful purpose for someone/s
- Travel stop in southern california just north of SD. If your traveling through and need to work on your bike, replace a tire, tune a carb, etc. hit me up. I'll help you out with tools, a place to stay, and whatever else I can.
- If you happen to knock a big ol hole in the low hanging oil sump many of the Ducati superbikes have, yet are not able to properly repair the engine by replacing one or both cases,give me a shout. I have a durable and fully permanent repair method that will cost comparatively little. Not the prefered repair method but it does work. I won't say more for fear of the subsequent inferno.
- Motorcycle rentals. I have a few bikes... I can't ride them all. If your in the area and want a ride for a few days or a week let me know. currently only the V-Rod and F650GS are rentable, the others are essentially a no go other than for perhaps a special circumstance. No helmet, no gear, no problem. I've got plenty
- If you have an Alpinestars Tech Air Street/Race vest, and want to hack it so you don't have to wear the accompanying Jacket let me know I bought a few used including the new tech air 5, disassembled them and have a method for wiring in an on off switch and indicator LEDs to match the stock array. I have replacement gas generators sorted out as well if you don't want to pay the $200 to send it back to alpinestars.

Motorcycling isn't a hobby of mine, it's a passion, one that I want to share with anyone willing to participate.
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