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Hi to all! I'm currently riding a 2010 Ducati Streetfighter S, recently I had issues with my speedo. The fault is about the same as some previous post (Speed Error 36) but typically, what I know is just plug & play by removing the old rear speed sensor and replace it with a new one. Which was what I did. But after replacing, the error is still hanging and my engine light is still on. Speedo is still showing '0'. Flashed the error code via diagnostic but it is still not working. Occasionally, when I start my bike, the engine light will be gone for a few minutes but speedo is still not working, after a few minutes, the engine light pops out back again. Some of the stuff I did with my mechanic was -

1. Changed to a new battery
2. Check all fuse, all are working fine
3. Checked my ECU and is also working fine
4. Plug my friend's Streetfighter S speed sensor connector from his bike to my speed sensor cable/wire and push my wheel, speedo is still not working
5. Used Contactless Cleaner to clean the 4 magnet on the disc rotor but still not working
6. Removed and rear speed sensor and front DTC sensor and give it a good clean and but still not working

What I have not done but maybe may be of some help -

1. Front DTC/Speed sensor have not change to a new cable/wire
2. Voltage Regulator/Rectifier have not change

Hope there would be some help from someone whom have the same experience as me or someone could just give your 2 cents or 5 cents of advice =(
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