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New white 821

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Hey guys I just bought an 821 and I have some questions after my 600 mile service today I rode it for about 30 miles when I got home I noticed 2 dents in top of my gas tank. then I goto open the gas cap. It was vacuumed seal. It took some momentum to get it out and the tank popped and some of the dent came out. I'll have pictures tommorow. Vehicle Helmet Personal protective equipment Honda Auto part
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Hey 821Egor,

Nice looking white 821! I heard about ducati tanks getting deform or dents from the older models that had plastic gas tanks. This has been an issue for a lot of Ducati's that had the plastic tank and models that had the Evap Cannister still installled on the units. This is an oem part that is used for emmission purposes and has been a problem for our units! this thing if it gets clogged, it creates a vacuum seal on the gas tank and will in time deform the tank! In some cases, the bike is hard to start because of the it starved the gas in the system as well. Do you still have this cannister on the bike? It is this black rectangular plastic shape that is located on the bottom left of your bikes engine, in front of you bikes horn. If so, i suggest you yank it out of there unless you live in Cali and it is required by law in some states. Although, the new tanks for the 821 is now metal and it is hard to imagine that our metal tank is that weak?! Did you notice this dent before you brought it in for your initial 600k service?!
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Yeah I have that black canister on there. Here are the pictures White Personal protective equipment Helmet Vehicle
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Congratulations you will love it , how come only the white comes with red wheels. I wanted red wheels on my stripe, I am jealous :(
Hey 821egor,

Did you figure out those bumps in your White821's gas tank yet?! Couldn't really see those bumps on the pictures you posted.
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