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I'm new to Ducs, I've been riding Kawi's for years, currently on an 05 ZX-10r. A friend of mine was in an accident on his 05 749 Dark, which he loved more than anything, and passed away. I have taken possession of the wrecked bike, and intend on rebuilding and getting it back on the road, where it should be. The frame, subframe, and the engine are untouched, the forks seem to be ok. The radiator and oil cooler are completely intact with no damage. The entire headlight assembly, gauge cluster, and all of the plastic with the exception of the tail are gone. The front wiring harness is destoyed, but intact at the connection points behind the forks. He had sliders everywhere which saved most of the mechanical portions of the bike. I have the red key, if I purchase a cluster on ebay or somewhere, will the bike start, barring any other issues? It's a long road ahead, as I don't know what's missing so I'll be piecing it together halfway blind. I'll post pics soon. Thanks in advance for any help or future advice!
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