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Newby To Duc ? - Oil Change Intervals

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Ok ... manual says first 600 mile service then not needed until 7,500. I'm still getting another oil change at 1,200. But after that, with the full syn oils being used ... can you really wait 5,000 / 6,000 miles between oil change intervals or are you guys doing them ever 3,000 ?

Also, my oil in the window is like light green ! Is that right ? Is light green a clean oil color ?

I'm so used to changing it every 3,000 I'm nervous about going over the 3,000 mark. Yet, at $180 a service and not really confident to do it myself, would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks !
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Hey Two Wheels,
I'm very far from being mechanically inclined myself, but I've been reading tons of posts in the past week. i think i've gotten enough courage to try to change oil myself. I've read lots of people like to change every 2k-3kmi.

check out these links i bookmarked, one includes a video.


I asked Adrian, the service manager at Spectrum in Irvine, CA, that very question and they recommend oil changes at 3000 mile intervals. I’m going to take a crack at doing it myself in 1k miles…
The oil change itself is very straight forward. The hard part is getting the sump cover off. It's the little square shaped thing on the very bottom of the engine and the bolts are shit. Nichols makes a replacement for about $40 that is money well invested.
It's not really the oil thats the problem it's the filter. The auto industry is going through that too. People are waiting for 10 to 15k miles before getting a service. The oil is ok but by that time the filter is junk and now you have little floaties of filter element. Change it at 3k.
No matter which Ducati model you have you must check the other filter. Clean the oil pickup gauze filter. If this is a 1098, I recommend you remove the OEM screws and throw them away. Replace them with hex head bolts. The plate to remove is on the bottom of the sump. Examine this filter for stuff. If you have a bunch of chrome flakes you have the chronic disaster of flaking rockers. To pull this filter on the 1098 you have to pop it out after the cover is removed. Grab it in the middle with some clamping pliers and twist it. Air blow it to clean. The gasket is reuseable.
Old thread, but I thought I might be able to add something here as I have been researching this and talking with a few people on this issue.

The 3k mile "recommended" interval has been commonly accepted for forever. Last time I checked, technology evolves and improves at a rididuclous rate and I don't think oil filters would be left out as one of the beneficiaries of technology advancements.

For starters, don't skimp on the filter. Amsoil claims their filters can go for 25k. Am I going to go that far with a filter? No, but if I get 1/4 of what they claim (>6K), I'm happy as that's still double the "recommended" interval.

If you're unsure, at the 3k mile point, have an oil analysis done. It's only about $25. It will tell you how well your filter is doing. Maybe conduct one or two more tests down the line if you go beyond 3k miles. This will help you determine the interval YOU need for YOUR bike. As is always mentioned in other facets of motorcycling, every rider and every bike is different and it will affect the breakdown rate of your oil/filter.

Whether you do it yourself (worthwhile to learn) or take it in to be serviced, this simple analysis may provide some clarity on the oil change intervals necessary for your bike. I sound like a salesman now that I've reread my post but I'm just trying to provide something to think about.

If some of you try it, post up and let people know your results. I'm currently motorcycle-less so I haven't gone through the process myself. Otherwise, I'd have posted my results.

I hope this helps some of you.
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The way I see it, an oil filter is like your underwear: Sure, you could shower and put the same underwear on day after day, until it wears out, but why would you? They're cheap, change 'em. An oil filter costs ~US$16, takes an extra three minutes to change while you're already under the fairing, and removes all the detritus that's floating around in your engine. For 1/1000th the cost of the bike, take care of the engine.

That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

LOL, "Oil filters & underwear" You should write a book.
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