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I had my ECU Flash/Disable I done by the dealer with Rexxer, because of no red key and wanted no problems. Cost was 420. Also had Bench Tune and test ride at 97.

Picked up the bike over the winter and let it sit. Runs great except when it is all warmed up, won't idle. Took it back and the dealer acts as though I'm a new customer with a waiting period of one month to get to my bike.

By now the fuel actually is bad, as the bike has sat for over a month. The owner is too busy to speak to me. I am getting very frustrated now.

Do you think it actually is a fuel related problem like a fuel filter (2200 miles so it was not replaced). Bike is 10 years old and they did all the service except fuel filter.

No idle sounds like they did not test ride it long enough for it to warm up, which is exactly when it acts up. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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