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i hope its just the filter because i am starting to be fed up with these stuff 2 years now this thing doesnt run for 1000km without asking for something. cheers
Ya gotta remember, this is an Italian bike, made by Italian's FOR Italian's. They do all of their development in Italy and only when a product is finished, ready for production, do they start going on longer mileage-based reliability rides. So they're riding in warm conditions, they're probably not doing much if any testing in the wet and likewise, they're not developed for ALL climates. You will find, most people who have problems with vehicles, tend to have dramatic climate changes wherever the vehicle resides. Its those temp changes, along with other ancillary things like letting the vehicle sit for long periods of time with gas sitting in the tank, which causes the problems over the long haul.

Live in a climate like Bologna and ride the bike every day, the issues become nonexistent.

I too hope its the filter, its a common problem and it fits the symptom's. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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