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Not a good place to sit, maybe?

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I saw that yesterday....most amazing escape I've ever seen; and I've had a similar experience as a photographer on the outside of Turn 1 at Road Atlanta in '81. I'll try to find the pics of the incident, and where the car ended up, right on top of where I had been sitting!
Bad place to sit

The sheer stupidity of people sitting on the outside of the corners is just beyond belief. Yet they will continue to do as they always do. Morons
I love the differences in reaction time. some are leaping out of the way as soon as they realize and then the girl just sits there and makes almost no effort to survive
That's because she has no idea of what's going on. Everyone knows woman don't know how to drive, hence she has no idea what's going to happen.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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