Just picked up my new Panigale V4s 2021 and put a lot of parts on it.Selling part of the parts I will never use and I put 0 mile on the bike.Shipping not included.
  1. OEM Tail Light 52510601D $50
  2. OEM Rear Braking Disc 49210061A $40
  3. OEM Quickshifter and rods $30
  4. OEM Rearsets $120
  5. OEM Steering Nut Free if you buy any other and want it
  6. Reservoir Brackets for Ducati Rizoma Fluid tanks(Never opened) 96180591A $20
  7. Ducabike LP01 ULTIMATE - PANIGALE BRAKE + CLUTH LEVERS DOUBLE ADJUSTMENT (New with box,didn't use them since I bought brembo gp cylinders) $250
  8. OEM Clutch Cover,Clutch Pressure Plate and Ring and some bolts $60
  9. OEM Exhaust and filter $300 (I can pay the shipping if you want this heavy shit)
  10. Healtech Servo Eliminator ESE-D03 $15
  11. OEM all clutch and brake lines and a rear brake reservoir + OEM clutch slave $40
  12. OEM seat cover Free if you buy any other and want it
  13. Rotopax Gasoline Tank 3 Gallons and 1 extra sprouts (Never used) $60
  14. Bunch of Probolt Titannium Fasteners and 6 CNCRACING DA388G $100 All Probolt titanium fasteners are in purple haze and I only opened one of the fairing packs and used few of them.All other boxes are unopened,but I am not 100% sure if they can fit since Probolt sometimes have wrong size issues.Also I can give 4 stahlbus quick bleeder valves if want these bolts,Here are the full list of the bolts:
Font Parallel Screenshot Rectangle Number
Font Rectangle Screenshot Brand Parallel
Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Screenshot

Everything is nearly new,I didn't ride a single mile on the bike before it get modded.I just don't want these stuff occupy my limited room spaces and they are not big money so if you can do me a favor buying all of them and picking up by yourself,I can give you a very very low price. Let me know if you need any pictures of them or proof/receipt of purchases.I am not an expert so sometimes I don't know if they can fit your bike or not :( . I'm located in Manhatan,10019 .